Dangers Associated with Improper Tree Removal Process

In general, the tree care work is dangerous, but tree removal is definitely more hazardous. As a matter of fact, successfully doing the tree removal requires advanced cutting techniques, biology, expertise, dangerous tools, knowledge of tree physics, and many more. Furthermore, homeowners who try their own trees to be removed may inflict injuries to themselves and nearby persons or may cause damage to properties, by the malfunctioning tools, the tree itself, or the falling branches.  

Tree Removal

Common Risks of Tree Removal  

1. Improper Tools and Equipment 

In removing trees, tree care contractors should wear protective gears. Tree care contractors are also well-trained in handling equipment such as ropes, wood chippers, chain saws, and cranes to safely fell and proper tree disposal. However, homeowners should need all this equipment and the required knowledge to perform a safe and successful Beaverton Oregon tree removal. Without it, they only endanger themselves to some unavoidable risks.  

2. Power Lines 

Working close to power lines is dangerous and you must always assume that live wires are present. If your tools, the trees, or even yourself hits a power line, chances are, you may cut out your neighbor’s power, if you are lucky. Possibly, you will be electrocuted that can lead you to total impairment or even death. In addition to that, another lore some homeowners think about power cables is that the black coat surrounding them is insulation. The truth of the matter is that the black boat on power cables is weather-proofing for metal cables. In fact, you can still be electrocuted through this black coating.  

3. Gravity

You have no longer control over where the tree goes once it starts falling. Sometimes it may also not fall to where you foresee it to. In fact, even if we try to control using ropes or cut indentions. In addition to that, poor judgment can also result to the unintentional falling of trees on power lines, homes or people.  

4. Decaying Wood 

A dying or dead tree is usually decaying from the inside out, which makes very unstable. Even tree professionals use cranes at times in order to remove dead woods. If you think that your tree is already starting to decay, it is best that you hire a professional and reputable tree service provider before you have it removed or before it collapses without any warning. As a matter of fact, there are critical processes in the tree biology in order to fully understand when a decaying tree should be removed, which is why a professional tree service is necessary at all times.  

In short, people should never attempt to remove the tree in their property on their own or hire an inexperienced individual to do it for them. Certainly, it is not worth the risk as it can only possibly cause a lot of cost problems in the long run. Of course, this is the last thing that you want to happen. If you have trees in your property has to be removed, make sure that you call a qualified and professional tree service provider right away.